Fitness RPG


An RPG that helps you stay in shape


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Fitness RPG is a very unique app, that combines an RPG with a pedometer. Basically, the game counts your steps and turns them into energy, which can be used in the game to level up your heroes.

Fitness RPG's gameplay is pretty similar to regular RPGs. Level up characters, equip them with new weapons and armor, and then face loads of malevolent enemies and use special abilities to defeat them! The only difference betters this app and most RPGs? You get power from the steps you take in real life.

You can sync Fitness RPG with other pedometers, such as a a Fitbit, your Android device, or Google Health from the game's options menu. Once you sync the app, every time you take a step you'll earn a unit of energy in the game, that can be used to level up and improve your heroes.

Fitness RPG is a fun and original RPG that not only encourages exercise, but requires it to advance in the game. On top of that, Fitness RPG has charming graphics and loads of enemies, weapons, maps and heroes!

Android 4.1 Or higher required